01/26 - 02/18 Every Tues. and Thurs.






01/26/2021 - The Role of a Property Manager (Fundamentals)

  • The Motivation – Why become a property manager

  • Self-Management

  • Communication and Conflict Resolution

  • Communication Vehicles

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Landlord and Tenant Law

  • Marketing and Leasing

  • Tenant Retention

  • Inspections

  • Maintenance

  • Tenant Screening

  • Email Guidelines

A Property Manager and Management company is a third-party professional who oversees real estate portfolios for investors, landlords and commercial real estate owners. A property manager is a valuable part of the buy and hold real estate concept for investment holdings and individual landlords.  


In The Role of a Property Manager module we will cover the responsibilities of a property manager and dispel the myth that property managers simply collect rent and approve or decline tenants. In addition, attendees will gain knowledge regarding property management income as a passive and lucrative source of revenue.






01/28/2021 - Marketing for Property Management


Marketing for a Property Manager and Property Management company is how you gain business, scale up for new doors and turn your monthly revenue goals into a reality.  


This module will discuss how to get leads, discover holding companies, provide collateral material samples and property management agreement samples, along with establishing a social media presence and the best mediums to advertise your business.  Marketing is the life blood of a property management business.  Learn from an expert how through effective marketing efforts, property management has been a 12-year nonstop source of ever-increasing income.






02/02/2021 -Tenant Screening /Tenant Retention

Tenant Screening is the most effective principle and method for tenant retention, maintaining your portfolio and paying yourself each month.  Learn from an expert how to carefully read a credit report, what software to use for screening, how to earn income from tenant screening, the matrix for qualifying a tenant, creative methods for tenant retention, lease preparation and sample lease agreements.







 02/04/2021 - Failure to Pay Rent Notices and Eviction Process

Failure to Pay Rent and the Eviction Process is the one of the least favorite responsibilities for a Property Manager and Property Management company.  This process is learned through knowledge of the judicial system for each county, city and municipality.  Learn from an expert the proper way to start the failure to pay rent process, along with creative ways to evict, how to forecast to ensure minimal property damage, and how to save money on the eviction process.






02/09/2021 -  Landlord & Tenant Law

A Property Manager must know Landlord and Tenant Law for each county, city and state they manage property. This module will aid in the comprehension of legal matters including but not limited to illegal self-evictions, late fee practices, illegal lease content and live advice from a Landlord and Tenant Attorney.  







02/11/2021 - Property Maintenance, Revenue Capturing & Capital Building

This Module is an important piece to add value to your business or current portfolio as an investor or holding company.  We will discuss finalizations for cosmetic upgrades to net the rental rate needed, proper maintenance methods, turn over practices, how to create your maintenance company, project management for renovations, and capturing revenue for supplemental income.







02/16/2021 - Financial Practices for Property Management

A property manager must provide financial statements, 1099s, budget forecasting, cash flow analysis, net operating income, capital expenditure, rent rolls and financial packaging for liquidating assets. Get advice from an investor who owns multiple property free and clear.






 02/18/2021 - Technology Platform

A property manager should be able to manage their business on-the-go, professionally.  In this module, we will go over the options available for technology needed to put your business on auto pilot. An expert will give you trade secrets used, as well as which platforms will simplify and efficiently manage 100+ properties with less manpower and overhead.